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About Us

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The role of the Seattle Women’s Commission is to effectively identify and recommend policy, legislation, programs, and budget items concerning women to Seattle’s Mayor, City Council and City Departments.



The Seattle Women's Commission meets at City Hall on the third Monday of the month.

View a schedule of upcoming meetings


The Seattle Women’s Commission is accepting applications for open positions.

The Seattle Women’s Commission advises the Mayor, City Council and city departments on issues that impact the women of Seattle. The Commission identifies areas of concern and recommends policy and legislation, provides feedback and opinion on issues of city and state budget, and acts as a liaison between the women of Seattle and City government.

As advisors to the Mayor, City Council and City Departments, Commissioners have the opportunity to address issues of concern for the women of Seattle and to work for positive change.

The Commission’s annual work plan is developed with input from the women of Seattle at the bi-annual Seattle Women’s Summit, an event organized by the Commission. The SWC work plan and the 2005 Seattle Women’s Summit Summary document are available at the SWC website.

Terms are for two-years. Applicants must live in Seattle and be available for monthly meetings from 5:30-7:30pm on the 3rd Monday of the month at City Hall 600 Fourth Avenue, 7th Floor in downtown Seattle. Free garage parking is provided.

To apply, send a resume and letter of interest to Marta Idowu by email at ; by mail care of Seattle Women's Commission, 810 Third Avenue, Suite 750, Seattle, WA 98104-1627; or fax at (206) 684-0332.