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Seattle Women's Commission

2012 Workplan

Violence Prevention

The Seattle Women's Commission will in 2012:

  • Support training of Seattle Police Department to enforce Domestic Violence Protection Orders;

  • Advocate for continued City funding of programs to educate landlords on Domestic Violence;

  • Seek funding for additional FTEs for sexual assault victim's advocates;

  • Advocate for changes in the tenant screening industry to ensure domestic violence survivors are not unlawfully denied housing and seek the City's support on this issue;

  • Monitor the City of Seattle's performance with issues of violence against women.

  • Economic Opportunities

    The Seattle Women's Commission will in 2012:

  • Assist in the Seattle Office of Civil Rights efforts to draft administrative rules for Paid Sick Leave and Safe Leave;

  • Coordinate with the Small Business Administration Seattle Office and the City of Seattle to host one or more educational workshops supporting entrepreneurship for women;

  • Partner with organizations seeking to address the high unemployment of women veterans;

  • Monitor opportunities for immigrants and refugees women;

  • Support efforts to improve access to safe, affordable housing in Seattle by collaborating with community allies, participating in public conversations, and monitoring city policies, when appropriate.

  • Health Disparities

    The Seattle Women's Commission will in 2012:

  • Research and make policy recommendations on the impact of food deserts to recipients of WIC Nutrition assistance.

  • Complete report on homeless women's access to health care, create a toolkit of information for Commissioners to use in their advocacy, and present findings to City and regional policymakers.

  • Monitor state legislation and City issues important to women's health, including access to reproductive health care services, honesty and transparency in the administration of health care services, and continued funding for low-income women's access to health care.

  • Continue efforts to pass legislation creating local enforcement of discrimination claims based on breastfeeding in public accommodations.

  • Continue addressing disproportionally high rates of infant mortality in the Native American and African American communities by continuing leadership role on Equal Start Community Coalition.

  • Special Project: Affordable Childcare

    Lack of affordable childcare is an issue that is frequently raised to the Commission. In 2012, the Commission is dedicating at least 50% of meetings to hearing from childcare experts on what has caused child care to be so expensive, what universal child care would cost, and what alternatives are out there. The Commission will promote an open discussion on flex schedules, evening care, and in-home care and address possible City policies that will further the goal of making childcare more affordable. The Commission is not limiting itself to an outcome, but preparing to advance policy in the future.

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