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Seattle Women's Commission

2010 Workplan

Policy and Program Priorities:

Violence Prevention

Address high levels of domestic violence in immigrant and refugee communities

  • Investigate availability and adequacy of city provided/sponsored services related to domestic violence in refugee/immigrant/non-English speaking communities
  • Bring in an expert on this topic (Refugee Women's Alliance or other) to help Commission understand needs/gaps
  • Identify agencies serving these communities and audit their access to city information/services
  • Create strategy for raising awareness of services available to these communities
  • Assess the process for a victim as he/she moves through chain of services
  • Make recommendations to city on policy or program improvements that address violence in these communities

Advocate for youth prostitution/sexual exploitation resources

  • Monitor the funding and initial success indicators of the City of Seattle Teen Prostitution Fund and associated country program to serve girls who are victims of prostitution; continue to advocate for money to close the funding gap
  • Raise community awareness about Seattle's problem of sexual exploitation/prostitution of girls
  • Audit city services available to victims of prostitution/exploitation and help raise awareness to victims if applicable
  • Analyze areas of influence in legislative arena and make policy recommendations

Economic Opportunities

Address lack of resources for homeless women and families

  • Make recommendations to city on more progressive policies to help address homelessness that affect women and women with children
  • Investigate potential partnerships for the city with non-governmental agencies or organizations (such as Homeless Coalition) to create more housing options
  • Recommend changes to city's policy of requiring CPS reports for families staying at Tent City
  • Analyze potential policies and programs to address emergency shelter equity

Advocate for mandatory paid sick leave

  • Research costs and benefits of mandatory paid sick leave to Seattle residents, government and businesses
  • Investigate success of mandatory paid sick leave programs in other cities (San Francisco, Milwaukee and Washington D.C.
  • Recommend policy to city regarding mandatory paid sick leave

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Health Improvements

Partner with community organizations to address health disparities between different racial and economic groups in Seattle

  • Evaluate city programs and funding that can address disparities in health (in particular, women's health, mental health and infant mortality)
  • Serve as convener for community organizations working on this issue
  • Raise awareness with mayor, city council and city departments on these disparities

Advocacy Priorities:

  • Monitor city budget and prioritization of budget issues that are relevant to women and girls
  • Expand Commission's contact list and continue to build relationships with community partners; convene future forums/meetings on relevant topics for key groups; keep contacts updated on Commission's work
  • Improve Commission's Web site
  • Continue to partner and share information/resources with Human Rights Commission and LGBT Commission
  • Develop a social justice screen for Commission's work; add an umbrella statement that applies race and social justice filter
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    2009 Commissioners

  • Tera Bianchi
  • Masha Burina
  • Eboni Colbert, co-chair
  • Abigail Echo-Hawk
  • Carrie Evans, co-chair
  • Lette Hadgu
  • Paula Houston
  • Kate Hubbard
  • JoAnne McGaw
  • Betsy McConnell Gutierrez
  • Paty Carlos Padilla
  • Olivia Robinson
  • Judith Shoshana
  • Dee Wakenight
  • Linnea Westerlind
  • Sonya Zilka

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