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2006 Workplan

The 2006 work plan reflects a combination of the top issues facing women in Seattle as defined by the attendees of the Seattle Women's Summit and the expertise of the individual commissioners. Beyond the specific work items outlined below, the SWC will continue to monitor and respond to issues that come to its attention throughout the year and take action as appropriate..

Violence Against Women

  • Continue to participate on the City's Domestic Violence Prevention Council (the SWC is a voting member)
  • Coordinate efforts with the Men Against DV organization
  • Continue to work with local organizations like the Northwest Women's Law Center and maintain our membership in the King County Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Monitor public policy and upcoming legislation, take action as appropriate
  • Look at City's efforts to provide information/education on DV laws to immigrant populations
  • Research availability of/make recommendations on educational programs on dating violence in schools
  • Work with HHS committee to assess mental health services provided to victims of DV by the county
  • Assist in city or other agency efforts to monitor effectiveness of batterers' treatment programs

Health and Human Services

The issue priority of this committee for 2006 will be women's mental health. This was identified as a top priority by women attending the 2005 Women's Summit. Initial phase of this work will be research and outreach to other organizations.

Ongoing work of the committee will include:

  • Monitor budget cuts re sustained and adequate funding for teen and community health centers
  • Work with the Dept. of Human Services to ensure that SWC recommended women's health issues are incorporated into the HCI
  • Work with the Women's Funding Alliance as sponsors of the Status of Women & Girls in Washington report that the organization is undertaking
  • Assess need for additional follow-up or support for the roll-out of Win 211 (Crisis Line)
  • Monitor state legislation regarding family health leave, funding for mental health, other issues that impact the health of women
  • Respond to relevant issues as they come up in the community

Community Outreach

  • PR and communications - support for SWC committees
  • Women's Summit timelines and recommendations
  • Maintain the SWC Website, contact linked organizations and update links
  • Invite speakers on relevant and current issues to attend SWC meetings
  • Non-English accommodations - materials availability and hearing from non-English constituents

Economic Development

  • Advocate on behalf of low income families for programs and services that enable them to succeed financially, like UWKC Earned Income Tax Credit program
  • Investigate lowering the baseline for small businesses to qualify for City small business loans to include micro businesses that primarily women-owned businesses
  • Track the development of the 10 year plan to end homelessness in Seattle, ensure that it addresses women's needs adequately
  • Monitor Seattle school closures disproportionately affecting low income neighborhoods
  • Monitor Workfirst/TANF and living wage legislation at the local level and make recommendations as needed

  • 2005-2006 Commission

  • Lauren Braden, Co-Chair
  • Carrie Evans, Co-Chair
  • Eboni Colbert
  • Lisa Espinosa
  • Anna Gottlieb
  • Erin Hiemstra
  • Paula Houston
  • Lisa Kagan
  • Jennie Laird
  • Tara Lee
  • Maribel Martinez
  • JoAnne McGaw
  • Elizabeth Pew
  • Judith Shoshana
  • Daphne Tomchak
  • Kim Tran
  • Dee Wakenight
  • Amy Wales
  • Leona Warner

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