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Rules for people under 16 years old

Welcome! We’re glad you’re interested in being part of the Walk Bike Ride (WBR) Challenge!

If you are under 16 years old you may participate in the WBR Challenge as part of a family. Only a licensed driver in your home can register for the WBR Challenge and report trips for your family.

You can take the lead on the most important thing - encouraging your family to convert car trips to walking, biking or transit trips. For example, if you are usually driven to school, you can walk or even bike instead. That saves car trips. The driver in your home who registered for the program can then report those saved trips.


Question: What is a saved car trip?
Answer: A saved car trip is one you usually take by car but you convert it to walking, biking or riding transit. If you carpool to school with a neighbor, you’ve also saved a car trip; make sure, however, that the driver who reports the trips is registered for the program. Trips must be to, from or within Seattle.

Question: Can my family report saved car trips if they are not trips to or from school?
Answer: Yes, any saved car trip counts: shopping, sports, visits, etc.  Trips to school are ones you have a lot of control over, so think of ways you can cut back and remember to get your family members to log your trips each week.

Question: Two drivers in my house drive me places.  Can we report car trips saved by more than one driver?
Answer: Yes, since you are registering as a family, you can count any car trips anyone in the family converts to walking, biking or using transit.

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