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Transit Screen Public/Private Partnership

Real-time travel information where and when you need it!

Making decision about how you travel just got a lot easier! The City of Seattle is partnering with 10 downtown buildings to install Transit Screens, so that tenants and visitors can see what travel options are available nearby, at a glance. Up to the minute information is available for Metro bus, Pronto Cycle Share bike, and nearby car2go or Zipcar vehicles.

Seattle Municipal Tower Transit Screens

What is Transit Screen?

The Transit Screen service is a live, real-time display of all transportation options within close proximity of a determined location (including bus, light-rail, bike share, and car share). The screen makes multi-modal travel information more accessible, viewable and engaging so that commuters, visitors, and employees can make informed decisions about travel options. Transit Screen is currently available in 25 other locations in North America including Washington DC, San Francisco, Baltimore, Houston, Chicago, New York, Salt Lake City, Portland and San Diego.

The screen installed in the lobby of the Seattle Municipal Tower is the first Transit Screen in Seattle. We are proud to showcase this new technology along with companies such as Amazon and Children's Hospital who've also installed these screens.

Transit Screen at Swedish Hospital at Cherry Hill

Transit Screen at Alley 24 office block in South Lake Union

2014 -2015 Seattle Partnership

As part of Mayor Ed Murray's commitment to improving travel options, including providing additional transit service, the City launched a pilot program in 2014, and invited up to 10 business/building owners to host a Transit Screen.  The pilot is a partnership between TransitScreen and the Seattle Department of Transportation, whereby TransitScreen donates the screens, and the City of Seattle pays for the software design and the first year of maintenance. 

To date, seven Transit Screens have been installed as part of the pilot program. Buildings and/or businesses hosting Transit Screens have the following characteristics:

  • High visibility street-level location in the interior of the building
  • High volume of pedestrian traffic
  • Ability to accommodate a 55- to 60-inch screen
  • Internet capability (wired or WiFi)

SDOT proposes to extend this partnership opportunity to ten additional sites in late 2015.   If you are a building manager or owner interested in participating, contact Cristina Van Valkenburgh at or 206-684-3649. 




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