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Tools to get Around: Other modes


Carpooling or Vanpooling

Find a carpool or vanpool partners with

City of Seattle carpool parking permits

Register as a carpool with the City and qualify for discounted parking in specially designated areas throughout the city. Rates vary.


Bicycling is convenient, cheap and fun!

Seattle Bicycle Maps

King County Bike Maps

Take your bike on a METRO bus





Seattle's Walking Maps
These maps help you choose a walking route that best suits your interests and fitness level.  The approximate time in minutes it takes to walk each segment and steep grades are provided. View online or order a hard copy.

Check out these neighborhood walking maps recommended in the Pedestrian Master Plan (see right column) and created by Feet First.

How walkable is your neighborhood? rates the walkability of an address by locating nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc.

Car sharing

Car sharing helps reduce the need to own a car and it reduces driving. Car sharing allows you to have the convenience of a car when you need one without the hassles. You rent a car by the hour and just pay for the time you use. This means lower cost for you and fewer car trips in our City.


When you own fewer cars or leave your car at home, a taxi can fill in those occasional gaps.

  • Far west 206/622-1717
  • Orange 206/522-8800
  • Yellow 206/622-6500

Car costs and owning fewer cars

Find out what it really costs to own and operate a car, what it costs to drive your car to work and information on owning fewer cars



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