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Archived Success Stories

Quotable quotes from people who sold or donated a car:

Living without a car has made life both a lot less stressful and a lot less expensive. Mainly, I walk and bike where I need to go, which has made me feel much more connected to my neighborhood and more appreciative of local businesses. My conception of "walkable" has expanded to encompass about a three mile radius of my house -- things are so much closer than they seemed when I was driving! - Rebecca S.

Getting out of town without a car and biking in the rain are rough - but it's called a challenge for a reason! I have less hassle, no car insurance payments, no waking up in the morning and finding that someone rear ended your car on the street. - Brendan O.

Great program and I'm still car free after 6 months. I have no worries about continuing this lifestyle for the next 6 months or more. -Michele S.

This year I finally made it a reality by getting a job close to my apartment and school. Now I walk EVERYWHERE and when I needed to go the airport, took the bus! I am saving at least $250 a month by not paying for parking, insurance and gas. Losing weight with all the…. Best thing I have done in a long time and glad the city has this program and I am a part of it. - James M.

This morning, as I walked to the bus stop in 34 degree weather to make my trek to work, I smiled and recognized that I have changed for the better. I've changed my habits and am better for having One Less Car...and so is Seattle! – Jackie C.


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