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Helpful Organizations

There are many smart, innovative organizations and people working hard to support better transportation choices. These groups can serve as a resource, inspiration and source of support for people like you! The list below includes local and national organizations.

Local Groups Doing Great Things!

Bicycle Alliance of Washington
The Bicycle Alliance is your go-to organization for protecting and expanding bicyclist rights and creating a bike-friendly Washington.

Bike Works
Bike Works has been working for kids, bikes and community in the Rainier Valley since 1996. Their programs invest in young people and encourage bicycling as a clean and healthy transportation alternative.

Cascade Bicycle Club
Cascade is the largest recreational biking club in the country. The Club offers a wide range of recreational rides for all levels, and bike classes including safe riding, bike commuting, bike maintenance and more.

Feet First
Feet First is Puget Sound's pedestrian advocacy organization. They are a hub of creative, passionate professionals who care about putting "feet first." Check their website for info and resources, training and take-action opportunities on walking and creating more foot-friendly places.

Zipcars live near where you work and play. MINIs, trucks, hybrids and SUVs available by the hour or day - gas and insurance included.

Transportation Choices Coalition
Transportation Choices Coalition is Washington's only nonprofit dedicated to transportation. They are working for more and better transportation choices statewide - real opportunities to take a bus or train, ride a bike, walk, vanpool or carpool.

National Groups (American Public Transportation Association)
Public transportation provides greater freedom, access, opportunity and choice for Americans. This website is designed to better inform the public about the benefits and importance of public transportation for all Americans - even if they never boarded a train or a bus.

Surface Transportation Policy Project
The Surface Transportation Policy Project is a diverse, nationwide coalition working to ensure safer communities and smarter transportation choices that enhance the economy, improve public health, promote social equity and protect the environment.

Know of other great organizations working to make it easier to get around without a car? Let us know!
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