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A vibrant Seattle through transportation excellence

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Incentive Programs for Seattle Residents

Way to Go Incentive Programs Sell your car
Way to Go – One Less Car Challenge
Sell or donate your car and reduce greenhouse gases. You’ll also earn some great incentives – like $200 for a transit pass or bike gear, a $100 discount from Tiny’s Organic, and free memberships to the Cascade Bicycle Club and Bicycle Alliance of Washington. If you’re not quite ready to sell your car, try living with one less car just for a month.

Cut two car trips per week and win great prizes
Walk Bike Ride Challenge 
This is a great way to increase your walking, biking and riding. We’ll give you information and encouragement to help you reduce your car trips and create new travel habits. The more car trips you save, the more chances you have to win great prizes, such as a $100 gift certificate to REI or Zipcar. Are you already driving less?
Enter our Thank You Drawing to win great prizes.

We sure appreciate that you’re already doing your part. This is one way for us to say, “Thank you” (as well as “Way to Go!”)



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