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Fun Stuff

Now for the lighter side of driving less.

Walking, biking, riding the bus or train, and sharing a ride in a carpool are often just plain fun.  This page celebrates the interesting, curious and cool aspects of driving less and living more.

Find 40 Ways to Go

Inspired by Earth Day’s 40 th birthday, SDOT came up with 40 ways to get around without a car. How many have you done?

Bus Chick

Carla Saulter’s “Bus Chick” blog on simply makes taking transit cool.  She blogs about what it takes to thrive and enjoy life while driving less.  Let’s face it, a transit agency just isn’t going to dispense advice on what a new parent should carry in their “bus bag” or tackle the bus chick dilemma of shoes: cute vs. good for running for #8.  Read more about the daily lives of “Bus Chick,” husband “Bus Nerd” and baby “Bus Chicklet.”

Mobile apps to drive less!

Check out these handy iPhone apps to make walking, biking and transit easier! They could also be listed under our “tools” section, but we thought they deserved to be in the “fun” section.

Summer Streets

SDOT and community groups have opened up selected streets on certain days for walking, biking, hanging out and just celebrating the day.

Share your fun ideas and experiences

If you have an interesting article, ideas or on walking, biking or busing, please share it with us.

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