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Success Stories

Many, many people in our region just like you have reduced their driving and even cut the number of cars they own. At first it may seem daunting, but it can be done. Here are some great examples, which we hope you find inspiring.

Seattle Family Thrives with One Less Car See how life changed for the better for Kari, Akwetee and their two kids when they sold their second car.

Family of four converts to more biking and transit
Rex H., his wife, and two adult daughters reduced their family’s supply of cars and bought a Vespa scooter. “The Metro bus, our bikes and walking have been the main mode of transportation, and are working great for us,” reports Rex, an architect. “My wife walks to work, our 21-year-old daughter has decided she doesn’t want to do the car thing at all, and I am 100% enjoying biking to work!  This change has taught me that I really love not driving and how rich of an experience biking to work can be. I have to say that my clients have pretty much gotten used to me showing up a little sweaty to meetings, especially the Queen Anne Hill clients!”

Experiencing the world around you

“I love riding my bike to work. It has completely turned around my perceptions of the morning routine. I listen to birds on the way to work instead of the radio and I feel the morning air instead of the car heater.”  - Christy of Quadrant Homes

“The most rewarding thing about giving up driving to work and walking instead was getting to cross the ship canal, see neighbors and have a transition between work and home.” - Participant in One Less Car Round 3

“Walking is such a nice pace--I observe more things around me when I walk.” - Participant in One Less Car Round 3

“We are more aware of how our transportation choices reflect our values. Not only how we view the environment, but also how we choose to interact with the world around us.  Cars are very insular, I think, and shelter people from the reality around them.” - Participant in One Less Car Round 3

One of our best experiences was “getting to know various neighborhoods better by walking instead of driving.” - Participant in One Less Car Round 3

“A new lease on life”

“Not only did my waist line go from a size 54" to 38" it has also given me a new lease on life and the desire to dream bigger things. So I’m now involved with the American Lung Association's Climb for Clean Air in preparing to climb Mt Rainier this summer!” - John of Swedish Medical Center, who switched from driving to bike commuting

Connecting to family, friends and community

“My wife and I really enjoy carpooling to work each morning.  This allows us to spend more time together.” - Participant in One Less Car Round 3

“I enjoyed many good conversations on the bus and found somewhat a sense of community with fellow riders.  In a world in which it has become increasingly easy to become isolated from one another, I found this to be a welcomed difference.” - Participants in One Less Car Round 2

“Our family found that biking together is a great way to spend quality one-on-one time with one another.” - Participants in One Less Car Round 3

We feel non-car forms of transportation are more fun and social.  Nick is now known as a source of bus information at work and he enjoys encouraging his coworkers to try it”. - Participants in One Less Car Round 2

“We enjoy carpooling the most.  I enjoyed driving to a trailhead with the company of others.  Once we piled five people, a baby and dog into a Subaru and had a blast!” - Participants in One Less Car Round 2


“I was relieved at having our “extra” car removed as an option in my commute to work in Redmond.  It was great to just relax in the surety of the fact that the bus would get me there… and I wouldn’t have to drive.” - Participant in One Less Car Round 3

Just plain happier

“Just a note to let you know that another former car owner is very happy being carless. I love walking, riding the bus with my ORCA card and using Zipcar on the rare occasions when I still need a car. I rave about my situation constantly to friends and family. I must say that my friends admire the courage of my convictions, and my kids are particularly proud of me.” - Linda M.



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