Famous Graves in Seattle

The graves of some of Seattle's pioneers occupy scenic Lake View Cemetery on Capitol Hill, just a few minutes east of downtown. Pioneers interred here include Princess Angeline, daughter of the city's namesake, Chief Sealth, and family names attached to now-familiar Seattle streets, such as Denny, Mercer, Yesler, Horton and Maynard. Martial-arts film star Bruce Lee is buried here as well as his son, Brandon Lee. The cemetery, at 1554 15th Ave. E., is open 9 a.m.-6 p.m. daily.

Rock guitarist extraordinaire Jimi Hendrix was put to rest in 1970 at Renton's Greenwood Cemetery, 350 Monroe Ave. N.E. The Seattle rock legend's remains were later moved to a lavish memorial in the southwestern corner of the cemetery. The memorial features a nearly 30-foot-high granite dome supported by three pearl-gray columns trimmed in "rainbow" marble. The cemetery is not gated, and is open dawn to dusk.

You have to go a bit farther to see the grave of Chief Sealth, aka Chief Seattle. The chief of the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes is buried on the Kitsap Peninsula in Suquamish. The nearby Suquamish Museum gives a good overview of the tribe. Information: 360-394-5275.