School Road Safety Initiative

Mayor Mike McGinnThe School Road Safety Initiative is one part of the Road Safety Action Plan. This initiative aims to increase safety on streets near schools through a combination of education, street improvements, encouragement, enforcement, and evaluation, and builds on work already being done through our Safe Routes to School program.

In fall of 2013, the planning process for a School Road Safety Plan will begin. This planning process will consist of several different tasks:

  • Best practices for school road safety will be reviewed, and changes to current programs will be recommended.
  • Existing funding sources and long-term implementation strategies will be reviewed, and methods for increasing capacity for school road safety will be recommended.
  • School road safety education and encouragement curriculum, materials, and implementation strategies will be developed, in conjunction with the Be Super Safe campaign.
  • School zones and walking routes for all school will be reviewed, and adjustments recommended.
  • A toolkit of engineering treatments for increasing safety near schools will be developed.
  • Existing enforcement practices will be reviewed, and strategies for maximizing effectiveness will be recommended.
  • Conceptual plans for a minimum of 12 schools will be developed.