The Road Safety Action Plan

Our storry so far

Action PlanThe Be Super Safe campaign is a public awareness campaign based on the recommendations in the Road Safety Action Plan and focuses on changing the way people behave on Seattle’s streets – reducing speeding, distraction, and impairment. The campaign includes both public awareness and enforcement efforts with the understanding that a multi pronged approach is the best way to make see real gains in road safety.

In 2011, the City held three Road Safety Summits across Seattle and asked residents, community organizations, and City representatives how we could improve transportation safety. With feedback from those summits, and a detailed data analysis, the City of Seattle and our community partners developed the Road Safety Action Plan (RSAP).

The RSAP outlines our plan to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities on Seattle’s roads by 2030. You can read the full plan (Acrobat PDF) or select a topic that interests you: