Stay Active, Walk Safe

Stay Active, Walk Safe ImageNothing clears the mind or energizes the body quite like a good walk. Taking just 35 minutes out of your day for a stroll promotes good health, boosts your energy levels, and helps maintain mobility. It also takes the hassle out of driving.

Seattle is among the most walkable large cities in America. But our streets are busy and we share the road with cars, buses, and cyclists. No matter how we get around, it’s important to remember to exercise caution. Here are some tips for a safe and comfortable walking experience:

Know Your Speed

Seattle has installed pedestrian countdown signals at many of our intersections. These are great tools to help you understand how much time you have to cross. Know your abilities and don’t start crossing when the “Don’t Walk” message is flashing.

Scout Your Route

If you’re going to explore, plan your route ahead of time with our walking route maps.


Look before crossing. Drivers turning left or right should be watching for pedestrians, but this doesn’t always happen.

Look, Smile, Wave

Make eye contact with drivers to make sure they see you before crossing. A simple wave and smile can help reinforce goodwill on our streets.

Be Seen

Consider wearing bright and reflective clothing so that drivers can see you in the evening.

Repairs Needed?

The Seattle Department of Transportation is working to ensure that the facilities you need to get from Point A to Point B are in place. If there’s something in your neighborhood that’s making it difficult to get around, let us know. Simply call 684-ROAD, so we can get working on it. You may also file reports online.

In addition, the Seattle Police Department is conducting additional enforcement patrols to help keep you safe. Officers are targeting drivers that exceed the speed limit and fail to yield to pedestrians.

Download our “Stay Active, Walk Safe” brochure here.

Want to Learn More? SDOT wants to chat with you about pedestrian safety for seniors. Request a presentation by email by clicking here.