Cracks and Fractures

Cracks and fractures in a side sewer can occur from a variety of sources. Damages to side sewer pipes can be caused from poor installation, poor soil bedding, root penetration or structural deterioration due to aging pipes.


Routine inspection

minor crack/fracture

Minor Crack/fracture.

Typically will have no effect on the working function of the pipe, but may increase in size or severity over time.

Inspect three to five years after original inspection to determine if the severity is increasing.

Routine inspection

moderate crack/fracture

Moderate Crack/fracture.

May or may not be affecting the working condition of the side sewer; likely will increase in severity over time.

Inspect every one to two years; if the cracks are worsening, begin planning and budgeting for repairs.


severe crack/fracture

Severe Crack/fracture.

Either already has an impact on the working function of the side sewer or is on the verge of collapsing, leading to a full structural failure of the pipe.