Prevent Pollution

Keep water safe and clean by preventing pollution at its source.

Storm water run-off carries oil and grease, fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic chemicals that collect on our roads, rooftops and property.

What you can do

What Is This Storm Drain Marker, and Why Is It Here?


A storm drain is a particularly apt place to see the message Puget Sound Starts Here. There are thousands of storm drains in Seattle that lead directly to our local waterways without receiving any water quality treatment. Anything that is carried into one of these drains, (including the one you’ve clicked on) – from petroleum to pesticides, and pet waste to car soap – flows through underground pipes and into Lake Union, Lake Washington, the Duwamish River, a local creek and eventually into Puget Sound. Like a garbage can labeled “Landfill” rather than “Garbage,” this marker serves as a reminder that water entering storm drains in our city doesn’t just disappear; it goes into the very waters we use recreationally and commercially.