Technical Work Group

The Technical Work Group (TWG) is responsible for overseeing research and monitoring under the Adaptive Management Plan (pdf) for the hatchery. The TWG is composed of technical experts in salmon biology, hatchery science, fish disease, genetics and the Lake Washington Basin ecology.

The TWG’s main purpose is to implement a long-term research and monitoring program to addresses scientific uncertainties associated with the Hatchery Adaptive Management Program. TWG also serves as the primary source of scientific expertise for the AMWG, providing recommendations to AMWG for hatchery operations.

TWG members and expertise:

Hatchery Reform Science Andrew Appleby
Lake Ecology and Food Webs David Beauchamp
TWG Scientific Coordinator Kurt Fresh
Salmon Ecology Thomas Quinn
Genetics Kenneth Warheit
Fish Health James Winton

TWG Charter (pdf)

Adaptive Management Program Contact

Carol Volk, Aquatic Resources Strategic Advisor
Phone: (206) 386-1990