Adaptive Management Work Group

  • Sorting sockeye for spawning.

Two key groups guide the Adaptive Management Program (AMP), the Adaptive Management Work Group (AMWG) and the Technical Work Group (TWG). Public input on decisions and access to information is considered an important focus of the program.

The AMWG is composed of agency representatives and stakeholders with an interest in the Cedar River Sockeye Hatchery Program. AMWG makes recommendations to the Landsburg Mitigation Parties regarding hatchery operation and AMP decisions. The purpose of the AMWG is to use monitoring and research, supported by the TWG, to best achieve the objectives of the AMP (pdf).

AMWG Membership:

Seattle Public Utilities (Chair) Carol Volk
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Suzanne Nelson
NOAA Fisheries Service Lisa Abernathy
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Aaron Bosworth
Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Eric Warner
King County DNR Scott Stolnack
At-large Public Interest Stakeholder Wild Fish Conservancy
At-large Public Interest Stakeholder Puget Sound Anglers
At-large Public Interest Stakeholder Bill Robinson
At-large Public Interest Stakeholder Vacant

AMWG Charter (pdf)

Adaptive Management Program Contact

Carol Volk, Aquatic Resources Strategic Advisor
Phone: (206) 386-1990