Sockeye Hatchery

Seattle Public Utilities provides funding and other support for the operation of the Cedar River Sockeye Hatchery. The hatchery is located near the Landsburg Dam on the Cedar River. SPU and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) have a cooperative agreement to operate the hatchery. Sockeye fry produced at the hatchery contribute to sockeye returns to the Cedar River and have made more frequent fisheries possible in Lake Washington.

To protect drinking water quality, sockeye are not allowed to pass the Landsburg Dam. As mitigation, the hatchery produces fry to replace those that could have been produced above the dam. Hatchery fry supplement production from sockeye spawning in the Cedar River below the dam.

The state-of-the-art hatchery has the capacity to hold over 4,000 adult sockeye for broodstock and can produce up to 34 million sockeye fry. Broodstock collection occurs at river mile 1.7, in the Cedar River.

The hatchery has features that help produce fry as similar as possible to fry produced in the river.

  • The temperature of spring water used in the hatchery is similar to river water temperatures to help ensure appropriate development for eggs and fry.
  • Volitional emergence and migration of fry from incubators into rearing ponds reduces stress from handling and provides more time for fry to consume their yolk sac prior to release.
  • Increased rearing capacity at the hatchery provides more flexibility to match hatchery releases with the natural outmigration timing.

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Landsburg Mitigation Contact

Carol Volk, Aquatic Resources Strategic Advisor
Phone: (206) 386-1990