Land and Water Program

Exploring the connections between land water and people

This field trip explores features and highlights of the award winning Education Center and it surroundings. For 3.5 hours, students participate in Naturalist-led, hands-on activities that help students make the connections between land, water and people. Students experience the Water is Magic exhibits and travel through the water cycle, listening to stories of the past and present while learning about their mountain fed drinking water source. We will also walk the shores of Rattlesnake Lake with water testing kits and return to our leaning labs to closely examine the natural world with high quality microscopes.

  • Transportation may be by bus or by parent drivers.
  • One 4th or 5th grade class per program; 32 student max, 1-5 adult to child ratio
  • Available to 4th or 5th grade classes in the spring and fall sessions
  • Spring: Mid-March to mid-June
  • Fall: Mid-September to mid-November

What to Expect: Agenda and Logistics

Teachers: This is to help you prepare for the field trip. Please do not share these logistics with your students. We strive to provide surprise and delight for students during the field trip.

Land and Water Teachers Packets include: What to expect: agenda and logistics, student and teacher checklists, driving directions, word search activity, pre-trip questions sheet.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Center Arrival

Bus arrives at Education Center- Arrival times can vary from 9:15 to 10:30 AM depending on the school start time. The program length requires 3..25 hours. Once the bus arrives Naturalists board and provide a brief introduction. From this point on your class will be participating in activities at the Center and around Rattlesnake Lake so be sure to have lunches and warm dry layers ready to take with you. Students then off-load bus for a bathroom break. 15 Minutes.

Activity One

Welcome Room- Introduce water cycle and the connections among land, water, and people and the experiential exploration of the Water is Magic Exhibits. 60 minutes.

Lunch Break

We have a pack-it-in, pack-it-out lunch policy and expect lunch to be outside. 20 minutes.

Activity Two

Outdoor Rattlesnake Lake walk. Wildlife observations, water sample testing and natural item collections for our lab activities. 50 minutes.

Activity Three

Indoor Learning Labs- microscope activity and scientific illustration exercise. 35 minutes.

Wrap-up and Goodbye

Class departure: As students re-board the bus, we ask you to please do a head count prior to boarding the bus.