Recycling Volunteer - $100 credit

A Recycling Volunteer teaches residents about recycling, food waste and garbage.


  • Let residents know which items go into the recycling and food/yard waste bins.
  • Keep an eye on recycling and food/yard waste bins and work with residents and the manager to make sure items are going in the correct bins.
  • Order free posters, flyers, and stickers.
  • Give out flyers to residents and post posters near each bin.


  • Receive a one-time $100 credit on the building's Seattle Public Utilities bill.
  • Help your building recycle and compost more.


  • Apartment buildings or condos with 5 or more units that receive garbage services from Seattle Public Utilities.
  • A recycling volunteer can be a manager, resident, or maintenance staff who is at the property at least once a week.

To learn more

Send an email to or call 206-684-8717.

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