Annual Report Card

Our Annual Report Card demonstrates how we're helping keep Seattle the best place to live and work for everyone by providing essential services like:

  • Clean, safe, mountain-fresh drinking water delivered straight to your faucet
  • Safe sewage transport to water treatment facilities
  • Drainage systems that protect our streets, homes, and businesses from flooding
  • Reliable garbage pickup and nation-leading recycling and composting services

The Annual Report Card is based on our Strategic Business Plan, which we update every three years to meet changing needs and requirements. The 2018-2023 update includes important investments that protect public health and enhance the City's natural and built environments. In the table below, you'll find a list of our services and our 2018 performance.

Read the full report card (pdf).


ServicesMeasure2018 Performance
Effective customer service Respond to 90% of priority drinking water, drainage, and wastewater problems within one hour. Met goal.
(responded to 95% of priority reports within one hour)
Mountain fresh drinking water Maintain 100% compliance with Department of Health regulations; maintain regulatory compliance and provide sufficient supply to meet customers’ water needs. Met goal.
(100% compliance)
Safe sewage transport to King County Treatment plants No more than four sewer overflows per 100 miles of pipe in the current biennium. Exceeded goal.
(1.9 sewer backups per 100 miles of pipe)
Dependable garbage, food and yard waste, and recycling pickup Provide reliable solid waste pickup with only one missed pickup for each 1,000 stops. Exceeded goal.
(0.7 missed pickups per 1,000 stops).
Effective recycling and composting Recycle 70% of all solid waste citywide by 2022. In progress.
(57% recycling rate)
Drainage that reduces flooding and pollution Remove 140 tons of pollutants from roads in 2018. Exceeded goal.
(removed 145 tons of pollutants)
Planning for the future Manage 11.3 million gallons of stormwater runoff using Green Stormwater Infrastructure (RainWise rain gardens and cisterns) in 2018. Exceeded goal.
(managed 13.8 million gallons of stormwater)
Efficient illegal dumping pickup Complete requests for illegal dumping cleanup within 10 business days at least 80% of the time. Exceeded goal.
(cleanup within 10 business days 98% of the time)
Efficient graffiti removal Clean up graffiti on SPU property and SDOT structures within targeted times at least 90% of the time (10 business days for SDOT structures; six business days for SPU property). Exceeded goal.
(met target cleanup times 97% of the time)