Rain Gardens

Rain garden with plants

Service Equity Project

A first step when planning a new project is to look for potential service equity issues.

The South Delridge neighborhood is home to many communities of color. This neighborhood is also a great location for natural drainage systems also called “rain gardens”. Rain gardens cut down the amount of polluted stormwater that enters Longfellow Creek when it rains. These rain gardens go into planting strips along sidewalks. They are beautiful and can help slow down cars. Yet, rain gardens can also limit access to parked cars. SPU mailed a community survey to residents in this neighborhood. The survey asked for information about streets that have a lot of flooding and streets they think would be great for rain gardens.

Looking at equity, these questions might come up:

  • Who is most and who is least likely to take part in mailed surveys, especially on topics like this? Why?
  • Could there be a gap in choice of rain garden locations if we only depend on surveys?
  • What other ways could we get feedback from people who don’t usually take part in mailed surveys?