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Restore Our Waters is the City of Seattle’s commitment to take actions and promote partnerships that protect and improve our creeks, lakes, the Duwamish River and Puget Sound.
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RainWise Rebate a Win for Residents

Ballard residents have the opportunity to get paid to help keep sewage from overflowing into Seattle waterways. Rain Wise is a city program that will pay residents to install rain gardens and cisterns on their properties. It’s part of an effort to keep rain water from overwhelming sewer lines and dumping directly into Puget Sound instead of getting treated first.

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Trees Serve as Speed Bumps for the Rain

Did you know that trees in Seattle play a critical role in keeping sewage out of our waterways? The trees catch the rain as it falls and slows down the rate at which it reaches the ground. This process slows the rate at which rain runoff fills the sewer system and helps to keep pipes from overflowing into our creeks, rivers lakes and Puget Sound.

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Theater Commons & Donnelly Gardens

This recent project at Seattle Center showcases bio-retention gardens and Cascadia native plantings to manage stormwater runoff. Learn more

Swale on Yale

Vulcan Real Estate and Seattle Public Utilities are partnering to develop a new water treatment biofiltration swale on Yale Avenue in the Cascade neighborhood of South Lake Union.

Seattle Watersheds Forum

Partnerships in Action - Join us on June 8th at REI in downtown Seattle. Learn from a panel of community leaders how they are collaborating to protect Puget Sound. This event is free and open to the public. Learn more

Stormwater Blog Series

The Sightline Institute's blog series covers the latest developments in green solutions for the Northwest's polluted runoff. Learn more

Rain Water Tour
Join People for Puget Sound to see “green strategies” working to reduce polluted runoff from entering Puget Sound.

How much rain runs off your property – calculate the “rain water footprint” of your home.

Stencil a Storm Drain
Sign up to stencil storm drains and help get the word out that only rain belongs down the storm drain!

Advisory Committee
Did you know that Seattle has a Creeks, Drainage and Wastewater Advisory Committee? Find out more and get involved

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