Seattle Public Utilities

Public Garbage & Recycling Cans

Garbage can on sidewalk

SPU public garbage and recycling cans are made of metal slats that curve slightly at the top.

Seattle has a goal to recycle 70% of our solid waste by 2022. To support this effort and help keep our city clean, Seattle Public Utilities places garbage and recycling cans along streets in mixed-use business areas with high pedestrian traffic. To date, we have placed over 800 cans across the city.

Neighborhood services

Depending on the neighborhood, garbage and recycling cans are serviced 3 to 14 times per week. To find out when cans in your area are serviced, view the 2016 neighborhood pickup schedule. To report overflow, maintenance needs, or other problems with cans in your area, call (206) 615-1700.

If you believe your neighborhood would benefit from a garbage or recycling can, you can determine the eligibility of your location by reviewing our placement criteria. Requests can be made by calling (206) 615-1700.

Please note: Due to budget constraints, Seattle Public Utilities is not installing additional cans at this time.

Proper use of cans

Public garbage and recycling cans are only for pedestrians and shoppers to use. It is illegal for businesses or residents to dispose of their garbage, recycling, or food and yard waste in public cans.

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