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Bartell’s BioBag Sale Ends Sept. 30

collect foodscraps to put into food and yard waste carts

Collect food scraps and food-soiled paper in your kitchen to put into your food and yard waste cart.

Recent surveys show that more than 4 out of 5 Seattleites regularly put their food scraps and food-soiled paper in the yard waste cart.

Vegetable and fruit trimmings, meat, fish, poultry scraps, bones, plate scrapings, egg shells, coffee grounds, paper towels and napkins– even pizza delivery boxes—all can be composted in your yard waste cart. Food scrap containers and compostable bags can make composting easier.

During the month of September, Seattle, King County, BioBag, and Bartell Drugs are bringing you huge savings on kitchen scrap containers and BioBag compostable bags at a Bartell Drugs near you. Learn more and find a retailer near you at

Free Compost for Composters

Compost and garden

Applying compost in the fall is a great way to help your lawn and garden thrive and grow next spring.

Last year, Seattle residents helped divert more than 125,000 tons of food and yard waste from the landfill by composting their food scraps.

Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Tilth and Seattle’s new composting partner, Lenz Enterprises, are offering ½ yard of Seattle-made compost – a $30 value – to residents who pledge to compost their food waste.

Compost will be available for pick-up on the following weekends:

  • NE Seattle: Sept. 26-27, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • SE Seattle: Oct. 3-4, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Hurry! Compost offer is limited to the first 500 customers.

Email or call the Garden Hotline at (206) 633-0224 to reserve your free compost and schedule a pick-up time.

  • Up to ½ yard of compost per vehicle/household. Seattle residents only, while supplies last.
  • Be prepared to show driver’s license.
  • Compost is unbagged and self-haul, so bring a proper vehicle, gloves and a shovel!

Be Yard Wise for Fall

Yard Tools

Save money and time by letting nature do your yard work.

Follow our fall tips for a healthy, more resilient lawn and garden.

Watering – Adjust watering to reflect the shorter days. An occasional deep watering may be all that your landscape needs now. Deep watering promotes deep roots!

Mulch – Replenish mulch on planting beds to feed the soil, keep weeds down, and retain soil moisture.

Lawn Care – Once the weather cools down and the rains begin, fertilize your lawn with organic or slow-release fertilizer. This is also a good time to de-thatch, overseed, or topdress, if needed.

Fall Planting – Cooler temperatures and fall rains provide optimal conditions for planting. Amend your soil and use the right plant in the right place. Learn more at

Email or call the Garden Hotline experts at (206) 633-0224 for free answers to your gardening questions.


Don’t Drip and Drive. Fix that Leak!

Attend a FREE Auto Leaks Workshop— a $125 value. Get your car inspected by a certified mechanic. Register today for upcoming sessions.

Free Toilets

Seattle Public Utilities, in partnership with Minor Home Repair, is providing free toilets and installation for income-qualified homeowners. Homes must be located in the City of Seattle and have existing toilets installed before 2004.

View low-income toilet offer details or call (206) 448-5751.

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