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Compost Food: It’s Not Garbage Anymore


Every year in Seattle, we recycle or compost more than 400,000 tons of food, yard waste, paper, plastic, glass, cardboard and aluminum. A fantastic feat!

However, we still throw 100,000 tons of food waste in the garbage every year. That’s enough to fill more than 11,000 garbage trucks.

Garbage fines begin January 1
The City of Seattle no longer allows food and compostable paper in the garbage. And starting January 1, 2016, fines will be issued to businesses and residents whose garbage containers contain too much food, paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, jars, or yard waste.

Property managers and Businesses

  • Apartments and condos can receive free educational materials, a one-time $100 rebate, and sign up for training that qualifies every unit for free kitchen food waste containers.
  • Green your business with posters, stickers, and other free assistance to get your business set up with composting and recycling.

Visit the Seattle Public Utilities website or call (206) 684-3000 to learn more about how to get started recycling or composting.

Give Damaged Clothes New Life

Damaged clothes

Damaged and stained clothing, shoes, and textiles are now accepted by many used clothing outlets in our area.

These organizations will give your clothing, linens, and other items a second life by turning them into new products such as carpet padding, mattresses, and more. Just make sure your donations are not wet, mildewed, or contaminated with hazardous materials.

Please do not place these items in your curbside recycling. Choose from several drop-off locations or arrange for pick up. For more information visit the King County Threadcycle website.

Gardening Products: How Do You Choose?

gardening products

Choosing safer gardening products and practices helps keep your family, pets, local waterways and Puget Sound safer and cleaner.

To find the safest products and to learn how to garden without chemicals, visit the Grow Smart, Grow Safe website or download the app.

Use this award-winning app to search over 1000 garden products ranked low, medium or high-hazard based on how they affect people, pets, wildlife, water quality, and aquatic life.

Have questions?
Get personalized answers from the knowledgeable staff at the Garden Hotline, Monday – Saturday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. at (206) 633-0224.

Think Spring In the Garden


Act now for a beautiful yard that is easy on you and the environment. By taking a few simple steps this spring you can conserve water, save time and money, and protect our environment and your family’s health – all while growing a beautiful yard and garden.

Conserve water

  • Mulch your garden beds after weeding to limit weed growth and retain moisture.
  • Plant new plants through mid-May or in the fall when its cooler and your garden can be watered by nature.

Allow your garden and yard to thrive:

  • Sharpen the blades on your mulching mower and mow high (two inches) for a better looking, healthier lawn.
  • Put the "right plant in the right place." Your plants will thrive with less maintenance.

Use fewer and safer products

Visit Grow Smart, Grow Safe to:

  • Select products containing less hazardous ingredients.
  • Manage pests, weeds, and diseases naturally.

For more yard and garden tips


Fix that Oil Leak!

Attend a FREE Auto Leaks Workshop – a $125 value! Get your car inspected by a certified mechanic. Find out if you have any leaks and identify the source of the leaks. Learn more and register at Auto Leaks.

Spring Clean Your Neighborhood

Join your neighbors for Spring Clean 2015, an annual community cleanup event from April 1 – May 31.

All projects are on public property and Seattle Public Utilities provides free litter cleanup bags, gloves, safety vests, and waste disposal permits. Register online or call (206) 233-7187.

Toilet Rebates - $75

Replace your pre-2004 water-guzzling toilet with the latest 1.06 gallons per flush models and receive a $75 rebate per toilet (limit 2 per household).

For more information visit our Saving Water Partnership website or call (206) 684-7289.

Did you know?

There is no charge for extra recycling. If your cart gets full, you can put extra recycling next to your cart in a sturdy bin, box, or 32-gallon can.

Homeowners can also change the size of their garbage can or food and yard waste cart. Visit our cart size calculator to find the right size and estimate your new monthly cost.

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