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Spring Clean 2017

First Hill Improvement Association Volunteers

First Hill Improvement Association Volunteers during Spring Clean 2017 (Photo credit: Hannah Letinich).

Thank you to all the volunteers who have participated in Spring Clean 2017! This year, 1,600 volunteers contributed 5,300 hours of their time to cleaning Seattle streets. Volunteers cleaned up in Pioneer Square, Beacon Hill, Lake City, Fremont, and other neighborhoods in our beautiful city. By the end of May, there were a total of 1,062 bags of trash collected.

Every year, Seattle community members contribute valuable time and energy to beautifying their neighborhoods. Not only are they contributing their time, but they are also taking the initiative to make an environmental impact.

Spring Clean may only be two months out of the year, but Adopt-a Street is a yearlong program. If you are interested in participating on a regular basis, contact the Adopt-a-Street program about updating your commitment!

Volunteer Spotlight

Daniel Sims

Adopt-a-Street Program Manager, Daniel Sims and volunteer group Scientology Environmental Task Force.

Adopt-a-Street awards Certificates of Appreciation to Traditional Adopters who have completed their commitment of four cleanups per year. It is a way for Adopt-a-Street and the City of Seattle to thank our volunteers for all the hard work that they do. The Scientology Environmental Task Force and The Way to Happiness Foundation have been long-standing volunteer groups with Adopt-a-Street. They have consistently kept up with their quarterly cleanups every year and continue to do amazing work for the program. Program Manager, Daniel Sims presented their certificates in person to show our appreciation. Adopt-a-Street values the relationships built with volunteers and the relationships built within the community.

Goodbye, Emily!


Emily Alder-Storm has been an intern with Adopt a Street for 14 months. August 31st is her last day with Seattle Public Utilities. Emily will be finishing her last year of graduate school to attain her Masters in Social Work come this fall. Make sure to make goodbye phone call or send an email before she leaves! A new intern will take her place and all future emails will be transferred after her last day.


How to a Adopt a Street

Haven’t been actively volunteering for a while? Do you want to start your own volunteer group or take on a neighborhood cleaning project individually?
View instructions here

Adopt-a-Street Survey

The Adopt-a-Street Survey collects feedback from our volunteers about what is or isn't working well with our program. The survey should take less than fifteen minutes and we would greatly appreciate your participation! Take the survey.

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