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Summer Paint Out

Five students have fun and take a break from painting out graffiti

Five students from Seattle World School volunteered to paint out graffiti near Ezell’s Famous Chicken restaurant in the Central District.

The Summer Paint Out program, held in July and August, lets volunteers be a part of the effort to remove graffiti. Volunteers were given free paint supplies to tackle graffiti on private properties.

One volunteer group was particularly unique—high school students from Seattle World School, a public newcomer school that’s culturally and linguistically diverse and dedicated to supporting foreign secondary students. It’s one of only a few schools in the country designed as a preliminary entry point for immigrant children and youth in their quest for academic achievement and integration in American society.

Seattle World School Students Cover Graffiti in the Central District

Painting over graffiti on a wall

Two students paint over a large graffiti marking.

Andrew Gehl, Seattle World School’s Youth Program Coordinator, shares his experiences participating in the Paint Out event with his students.

“Painting over graffiti doesn’t seem like a monumental undertaking in our city. Yet, for five high school students of Seattle World School, the Paint Out event meant a lot. These students came from East Africa–some have lived in America less than a year. When speaking with them, you’ll discover their enthusiasm. They say Seattle is the safest, cleanest, and most advanced city they have lived in. However, they’re aware that no place is perfect, and a great city can remain great through its people."

In partnership with Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle World School and Refugee Women’s Alliance, students were civically engaged and served as urban stewards in their new hometown. One student said that it just feels good to make your home look beautiful.

“I sincerely thank the Summer Paint Out staff for this opportunity. You are helping people across the city feel like they belong in our larger community.”


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