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Annual Report Card

Our Annual Report Card demonstrates how we’re helping keep Seattle the best place to live. Seattle Public Utilities provides customers with services that support your life and work including:

  • Clear, safe, good tasting, mountain-fresh drinking water available every time you turn on your faucet.
  • Safe sewage transport to water treatment centers.
  • Drainage systems that protect our streets, homes and businesses from flooding.
  • Efficient and safe garbage pickup.
  • Effective recycling and composting.

This and future report cards will take their lead from our Strategic Business Plan. The proposed plan creates a vision for the utility through 2020. Its creation was a collaborative process that included a nine-member Customer Review Panel, representative of our customer base.

In the table below you’ll find a comprehensive list of our services and our 2013 performance.

Read the full report (pdf)

Value and Accountability

ServicesYour BenefitMeasure2013 Performance
Dependable solid waste pickupSolid waste collected on time week-in and week-out.One missed pickup every 10 years for all customers (less than 1 per 1,000 stops).Met goal. Reported 0.16 missed pickups per 1,000 stops.
Effective recycling and compostingLess garbage in landfills, saving costs and reducing water and local pollution.Recycling 70% of all solid waste citywide by 2022.Recycled 56.2% of all solid waste in 2013.
Mountain fresh drinking waterTap water that's better than bottled water, reliably delivered with enough supply for all conditions, other than severe drought.100% compliance with Department of Health regulations.Met goal.
Drainage that reduces flooding and pollutionBetter protection of your health safety, home and our environment through street cleaning.40% incerase in pollutant removal from roadways via street sweeping for water quality.100 tons of pollutants removed by street sweeping.
Safe sewage transport to King County treatment stationsReduced sewer backups onto customer properties and public spaces.No more than 4 sewer backups per 100 pipe milesMet goal.
Efficient and safe garbage and recycling transfer stationsConvenient ways to dispose of garbage and recycle a variety of items.Transfer stations cleared of garbage within 24 hours 90% or more of days in operation.Met goal.
Effective customer serviceTimely responses to customer problems and questionsRespond to 90% of water, sewer, and drainage priority calls within one hour.Met goal. Responded to priority calls within one hour 98% of the time.
Ready for emergencies24/7 emergency service for water and drainage.Assess Utility's Emergency Response Plans and update as needed.Reponse plans developed for system disruptions, seismic events and shortages.
Planning for the futureUtility systems that are climate resilient and environmentally friendly.Manage 700 million gallons of runoff annually with green infrastructure by 2025.100 million gallons managed with green stormwater infrastructure.