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Water Quality Annual Report

Family Drinking Water

Help available for your utility bill

For people who need help with their water bills, Seattle Public Utilities offers assistance through its Utility Discount and conservation programs.

For help with your water bill, call (206) 684-0268 or view our payment assistance website.

See if you are eligible for a free water-efficient toilet or call (206) 448-5751.

The Drinking Water Quality report, which the Environmental Protection Agency requires us to create and share with every customer, gives you information about how we’re doing regarding the water you drink every day. We’re pleased to report that our water is among the best in the nation, both in purity and taste.

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) provides some of the highest-quality drinking water in the nation because it comes from pristine, protected mountain sources: the Cedar River and South Fork Tolt River watersheds. And it’s a bargain – less than a penny per gallon delivered to your tap.

Wise Water Planning

Here’s what we’re doing to ensure water quality and quantity, today and tomorrow:

  • Covering our reservoirs to improve drinking water quality and security.
  • Removing roads in the watershed and improving the health of the forest so there is less runoff, making the water clearer and requiring less treatment.
  • Planning for climate change threats to our water, such as a decrease in snowfall.
  • Continuing to encourage more efficient water use.

Water Quality is in the Infrastructure

  • Keep your watershed closed to human activity.
  • Provide the right level of treatment to keep it clean. Not too much chlorine, not too little. Pretreating with ozone and ultraviolet light to improve taste and smell.
  • Store it in covered reservoirs and flush our 1,600 miles of water pipes as necessary.
  • Replace leaking pipes on a regular basis.
  • Test the water every day for contaminants.

Saving Water is now Second Nature

  • We’ve reduced per-person water consumption by 14 percent in the last six years.
  • We’ve reduced the amount of water used in operating the system.
  • Our quality of life is higher and our bills are lower when we use less.
  • Water conservation efforts help ensure that salmon and other wildlife have a healthy habitat.

Learn more about your healthy water and water system:

Printable Water Quality Reports

The following reports are in PDF format: