Seattle Public Utilities Mami Hara, General Manager/CEO

Standard Charges

Standard charges are based on a review of prevailing actual costs, for the purpose of recovering expenses related to certain Seattle Public Utilities services.

Examples of these services include:

  • Water service installation or retirement
  • Water service connection charge
  • Service size increase
  • Meter removal and reset
  • Reduction in meter size
  • Meter test
  • Relocation of meter and meter box
  • Water service re-inspection fee
  • Acquisition of hydraulic flow data
  • Fire hydrant valve and meter use
  • Hydrant reset and relocation
  • Installation of a new hydrant
  • Delinquent service charge
  • Special meter read
  • Providing customer statement
  • Processing returned customer check
  • Duplicate bill preparation
  • Shut off/turn on
  • Service abandonment
  • Delayed final customer billing
  • Utility crossing permit
  • Transmission right-of-way gate opening
  • Easement acquisition
  • Easement granted
  • Construction inspection
  • Compaction tests
  • Private developer water main charges
  • Backflow preventer assembly notification and inspection
  • Water laboratory fees
  • Real property use fees and sewer submeter setup fees