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Low Income Toilet Offer

For Low Income Homeowners and
Multifamily Housing Providers

Toilets are the biggest water-user in most homes and multi-family buildings. Replacing old toilets with new, water-efficient fixtures will save money on your utility bills and conserve water for the Puget Sound region.

Seattle Public Utilities is offering free water-saving toilets for qualified low-income homeowners and low-income multi-family housing providers. Qualifying customers may receive additional assistance with installation.

What are the qualifications?

  1. Property is located within Seattle Public Utilities’ service area.
  2. Homeowner must currently live in the property owned and household must meet income guidelines:
    Household Size Gross Monthly Income Gross Yearly Income
    1 $2,570 $30,840
    2 $3,360 $40,320
    3 $4,151 $49,812
    4 $4,941 $59,292
    5 $5,732 $68,784
    6 $6,523 $78,276
    7 $6,671 $80,052
    8 $6,819 $81,828
    9 $6,967 $83,604
    10 $7,116 $85,392
    Each additional $211 $2,541
    Note: Gross Income is based on 70% of the state's median income.
  3. Housing provider must serve tenant households that meet income guidelines.
  4. Have existing toilets installed before 2004 and have not previously received a Saving Water Partnership rebate.

How do I get my free toilets?

  1. Schedule an appointment by calling (206) 448-5751.
  2. A specialist will visit, check your fixtures and install replacements as needed.

Homeowner program information (pdf) is available in several languages.

Utility Assistance Program

Utility rate discounts for seniors, the disabled, and/or low income households and emergency assistance to help prevent utility disconnection is available. For more information, please see the Payment Assistance website.


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