Seattle Public Utilities

Rates Information

All bills are effective January 1 of each year, except for solid waste, which is effective April 1.

Rate Change Summary Table

2014-2016 Typical residential bill per month

Water (1)$38.93$38.93$39.68
Sewer (2)$50.53$50.91$52.76
Drainage (3)$26.58$29.20$32.50
Solid Waste (4)$40.95$43.35$44.85

(1) Typical residential bills assume monthly water usage of 5.5 ccf (hundred cubic feet) for peak period water usage and 4.7 ccf for off-peak period water usage.

(2) Typical residential bills assume monthly sewer usage of 4.3 ccf.

(3) Drainage fees are billed for SPU as a separate line item on King County’s annual property tax statements. The typical bill is a median bill.

(4) Rate increase effective April 1. Typical residential garbage service is a 32 gallon garbage container and yard waste service.