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eBilling & Payments

Check your next bill for your new account number

We’ve updated our billing system. If you make one-time payments online, pay through your bank, or use our pay-by-phone option, check your next bill to use your new account number.

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  • Reduce your paper consumption, view payment history and access archived bills. Create a User ID and password for your Seattle Public Utilities and/or your Seattle City Light accounts.

One-time online payments

  • Your account number and mailing address ZIP code are required for access. You can use a debit/credit card or a checking account.

What’s the difference between eBilling and paper billing?

Paper Billing

  • Residential customers are billed every other month (bi-monthly).
  • Paper bills can be mailed to the service address or an alternate mailing address.
  • Receive paper newsletters from the Utilities.
  • You can pay by mail, in person, make a one-time payment, or use the automated payment line: 1 (877) 398-3531.


Reduce your paper consumption - sign up for eBilling. eBilling customers have the most options (and no additional fee)!

  • Residential customers are billed every other month (bi-monthly).
  • Enroll both Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle City Light accounts.
  • Pay with your VISA, MasterCard debit/credit card or checking account.
  • Schedule a single payment or create automatic recurring payments.
  • Pay multiple City Light and SPU bills with one request.
  • View your bill history.
  • View your payment history.
  • Export to Excel.
  • Store your payment method securely and save time.
  • Continue using the City’s recurring payment plan (ACH) if you are already enrolled. (Be careful not to add a payment rule within paperless billing unless you cancel the City program first!)
  • Choose when you want to be notified by email for bill notifications and payments.
  • Receive paperless newsletters from the Utilities.
  • View payment status and method of payment, including ones made by phone or in-person.
  • Enroll up to three people per eBilling account.
  • If you have an eBilling account, you can still pay by mail, in person, make a one-time payment. or use the automated payment line: 1 (877) 398-3531.