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Questions about Your Bill

Higher than expected bill

Your bill reflects the level of service provided by Seattle Public Utilities.

Water leaks, dripping faucets or a constantly running toilet affect your water consumption and your water and sewer charges. Extra garbage charges or a large garbage can affect your solid waste charges. Learn how to find and fix water leaks.

Questions about a bill or service charge

Before disputing a bill or service charge, first pay all undisputed charges to avoid collection activities, or delinquency and penalty fees. Contact Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) in a timely manner. A charge is not considered in dispute until you have contacted us.

Learn more about the dispute process.

You may contact us:

  • Billing/Account Question
  • By phone
    Call an SPU Customer Service Representative at (206) 684-3000
  • In person
    Visit the Customer Service Center in the lobby of the Seattle Municipal Tower (formerly Key Tower), 700 5th Avenue, in Downtown Seattle

If your bill is estimated

If we cannot access your water meter to obtain a reading, we will estimate your bill. Typically, our estimate is based on your usage during the same period the previous year. Your meter continues to record only the water you actually use. Adjustments for low and high estimates are applied to your bill after we are able to access your meter to read it. In either case, you are only charged for what you use.

Billing adjustments for leaks

Customers are responsible for repairing leaks in pipes and fixtures on their property and for water and sewer charges resulting from leaks. In some instances, adjustments may be available for underground leaks between the street and the foundation of your house or building.

The Leak Adjustment Director’s Rule establishes the administrative process for issuing billing adjustments to a retail customer’s water and sewer utilities bill due to underground domestic and fire service water line leaks. Read the Leak Adjustment Director’s Rule (pdf) to learn more.