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Calculate Escrow

Online Escrow Estimator

Escrow agents with accounts that are not eligible to obtain an online estimate can complete and fax a standard Escrow Request Form (pdf) to (206) 684-5637.

Note: The Escrow estimate is not a bill and does not close the Utility Account.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Owner/seller’s name
  • Buyer’s name
  • Property address
  • Closing date

Your estimate will include:

  • Estimated closing costs for utility services
  • “Per diem” costs if the closing date changes
  • Outstanding charges associated with the property
  • A printable version of the closing estimate

Accounts that are not eligible to obtain escrow estimates online include:

  • Budget billing accounts (Average Payment Plan)
  • Properties that have the water meter removed at the time of sale
  • Properties with billing history less than seven bills
  • Properties that have had services transferred to the Ronald Sewer district
  • Properties that do not receive water from Seattle Public Utilities