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Budget Billing Plan

If it would be easier for you to pay an average amount rather than have the amount vary from winter to summer, consider our Budget Billing Plan. With budget billing, we average payments for your winter and summer water bills over the year. Not only will your budgeting be easier, but your individual bills won't be as big when they're spread throughout the year. It's easy to qualify and you can leave the plan at any time. There are no income guidelines and no extra charges.

You may request a budget billing plan if your account balance is $100 or less. We will use either your prior year's billing history or if no history is available an estimate will be used. In addition, your bill will include any non-metered charges. At least once every 12 months your budget billing amount will be adjusted to align with your actual usage. For more details and to enroll, call (206) 684-3000.