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Needles, Syringes and Other Sharps

Do not put sharps in home garbage or recycling.

It is a health hazard and is against the law.

Sharps disposal options

  • Check with your pharmacy. Many stores that sell sharps containers accept the full containers for disposal.
  • Ask your health care provider if you can return used sharps to his/her office or clinic.
  • Dispose of sharps at the Recycling and Disposal Stations for no charge. See instructions below.
  • Public Health Center patients can dispose of sharps 24 hours a day in syringe drop boxes located outside public clinics. See Seattle/ King County Public Health Sharps Disposal Options for locations.
  • People who use illegal drugs can drop off sharps at a Seattle/ King County Public Health Needle Exchange.
  • Businesses that need to dispose of sharps should call the Public Health Seattle & King County at (206) 205-4394.

Recycling and Disposal Station instructions

  • Put your sharps in a sealed, labeled, rigid plastic container. Manufactured sharps containers are available at many pharmacies and drugstores.
  • There is a 1 gallon container limit per trip.
  • Your container will not be returned to you.
  • Ask the station attendant where to deposit your sharps container.
  • Do not put loose sharps in the garbage or recycling! It is a health hazard and is against the law.

More Information

Call the Seattle - King County Health Department, (206) 263-8899.

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