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The documents on this page detail SPU’s history of community involvement through the various stages of the project. For current information, please visit the project’s main community involvement page.

All documents are in PDF format.

Green Group Meetings

To ensure the design of the new facility reflected community values in the adjacent open space, SPU invited community members – some from the Stakeholder Group, others from the design community, and additional neighbors – to make up the Green Group.

Below are PDF documents relevant to the group meetings.

Final Stakeholder Group Recommendations

In the summer of 2011, SPU’s North Transfer Station Stakeholder Group finalized their recommendation report, which summarized more than three years and 13 meetings of discussions, and detailed the stakeholders’ recommendations to SPU regarding replacement of the North Transfer Station. SPU accepted the Stakeholder Group’s recommendations on the station configuration and community amenities, and will incorporate them into the design and construction process of the new station.

View the documents related to the Stakeholder Group below.


Stakeholder Workshops

In 2010 and 2011, SPU met with a group of near neighbors, station users and community members, known as the Stakeholder Group, to gather detailed input on the design of the new station. SPU held seven workshops and the stakeholder group reviewed 13 concepts. Throughout the course of the stakeholder workshops, SPU used input from the stakeholder group to develop design concepts to replace the North Transfer Station.

Prior to these workshops, meetings were held in 2008 and 2009 to provide details of the site renovation. These initial meetings resulted in the creation of a Stakeholder Group Charter and a list of Issues of Interest. These documents outline the purpose of the stakeholder group, their concerns and issues and a plan for addressing each issue.

Workshop # 5 (June 29, 2011)

Workshop # 4 (May 16, 2011)

Workshop # 3b (March 14, 2011)

Workshop # 3a (March 7, 2011)

Workshop # 2b (Nov. 22, 2010)

Workshop # 2a (Oct. 21, 2010)

Workshop # 1 (Sept. 14, 2010)

Workshop # 0 (July 29, 2010)

Early Planning Stakeholder Workgroup Meetings

Additional Community Engagement

In addition to holding stakeholder workshops, SPU engaged and informed the community about this project through organizing community meetings and site visits.

Community Meeting and Walking Tour (April 30, 2011)

Station User Survey (April-May 2011)

Fremont Sunday Street Market (February-April 2011)