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Cart Size & Cost

The recommended sizes below are based on food waste collection only and on findings from a test project (pdf) with 40 properties monitored over a year. If your building also has yard waste, you will need a larger size. All carts include compostable liners for carts used primarily for food waste. The service provider driver will insert a fresh liner in your cart(s) every week. If service is missed or you do not get a liner, please call (206) 684-7665.

Which cart size should I get?

Size of Building Recommended Cart Size
5 - 20 units 32 gallon (60 lb. weight limit)
20 - 40 units 64 gallon * (120 lb. weight limit)
20 - 100 units 96 gallon ** (180 lb. weight limit)
100 or more units Add an additional 96 gallon cart **

* On-site service only

** Must be accessible on a level surface. If the cart needs to be moved on a slope, a combination of smaller carts is recommended due to heavy weight.

How much will it cost?

Effective April 1, 2014.

Cart Size Frequency On-site Service
Monthly Cost
Curb/Alley Service
Monthly Cost
32 gallon Weekly $28.71 $7.75
64 gallon Weekly $56.09 Not available
96 gallon Weekly $65.81 $9.90

On-site customers can request additional pickups at additional cost.