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Drainage & Sewer

Customer Service - phone number 206-684-3000


If you are a single family residential customer, your sewer bills are based on actual water usage during the winter period, November through April. Sewer Rates

Qualified low-income/elderly/disabled customers receive a 50 percent discount on their wastewater bill. Go to Payment Assistance Program to see if you qualify.


Seattle's drainage system is a City-wide utility. All properties contribute to the problem of runoff and benefit from the drainage system through flood control and improvement of water quality. These fees are billed as a separate line item on King County property tax statements. Drainage Rates


A side sewer is a privately owned and maintained sewer which connects the plumbing system of the building to the public sewer pipes. Learn about maintenance and dealing with backups. Your Side Sewer


Learn how to "Take Winter by Storm" and prepare for weather related emergencies, including storms, flooding and sewer back-ups. Storms & Flooding


Keep water safe and clean by preventing pollution at its source. Storm water run-off carries oil and grease, fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic chemicals that collect on our roads, rooftops and property. Pollution Prevention


Information on pollution control programs that help businesses and property owners maintain their drainage systems and keep pollutants from entering storm drains and reaching local waters. Offers best management practices, information on City stormwater requirements and how to report pollution. Pollution Control


Projects include: Madison Valley, Meadowbrook Pond, Thornton Creek Water Quality Channel, Midvale Stormwater, and many more. Drainage and Creek Projects


Fats, oils, and grease (F.O.G.) resulting from food preparation can build up in sewer pipes, and cause costly blockages and backups, and sewage overflows to private and public property. Get more information and a disposal guide. Fats Oils & Grease


The Creeks, Drainage and Wastewater Advisory Committee (CDWAC) members participate in review of SPU’s programs, policies and services related to surface water and wastewater utilities including water quality, stormwater, combined sewers, low impact development, urban streams, and habitat protection. Creeks, Drainage and Wastewater Advisory Committee

For emergencies, call 911

For damaging flooding, chemical spills or sewer backups, call the 24/7 Operations Response Center (206) 386-1800.

For non-urgent plugged storm drains, use our Drain Report Form. A crew will respond in 3-5 business days.

A Side Sewer Saga

Video of how to avoid costly backups.