Seattle Public Utilities

Repair or Replace

Home Repair Loans

The Seattle Office of Housing offers Home Repair Loans for owner-occupied, single family homes with low- to moderate-income families

Once it is determined that a repair or replacement is needed, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Hire a contractor.
    There are many companies offering a full range of services including unblocking, repairing and replacing side sewers, but some specialize in certain areas. It is important to select a contractor that has experience and knowledge with the method of repair needed.
  2. Get permits.
    Permits are always required, on both private property and in the right-of-way, when performing repair work on side sewers. Permits are not required for root removal or unclogging services. Permits can be obtained online or in-person at:
    • Department of Planning and Development
      Seattle Municipal Tower
      Floor 21, Permit Counter
      700 5th Avenue
      Seattle, WA 98104
  3. Get final inspection.
    Once all work is completed, a City inspector will inspect the work to ensure it was constructed in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations.