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Public Access Analysis

SPU and Parks worked with the community and other City departments to evaluate possible public access opportunities for the lower Taylor Creek Restoration Project site in 2013. This process provided those who live, work and play near lower Taylor Creek an opportunity to share their thoughts on the public access options.

Lower Taylor Creek Restoration analysis 2013 schedule (pdf)

Access Options

  • No Access
  • Viewpoint
  • Scheduled Access
  • Limited Access
  • Open Access

Evaluation Criteria

  • Habitat Improvements
  • City Cost, Operations and Maintenance
  • City Safety and Liability
  • Community and Neighborhood Amenities
  • Potential Neighborhood Impacts
  • Traffic Safety and Mobility

Public Access Recommendation

Feedback collected from the community during the analysis process provided valuable information about how the community would like to see the site used in the future, and key areas for SPU to consider during project design.

Consistent with the City of Seattle’s Comprehensive and Shoreline Management plans, City of Seattle staff recommends some form of Open Access (pdf) due to the larger community benefits provided by an accessible site. However, the recommendation, as well as the final decision about public access, is contingent upon the need for additional traffic and engineering studies.

The following report documents the analysis process in its entirety, and details the collaboration between SPU, Parks, an Interdepartmental Team, and the broader community.

Public Access Options Analysis Report (pdf)

Supporting materials referenced in the report are provided below: