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South Park Projects

These sewer and drainage improvements will protect public health and safety by preventing sewer backups into people’s homes and businesses, as well as preventing street flooding. They will also help to protect the Duwamish Waterway from polluted stormwater runoff.

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Sewage Backup Prevention - 14th and Concord Sewer Improvement Project

The project is being designed to address sewage backups and street flooding that have occurred in the area around 14th Avenue South and South Concord Street after heavy rain. The project is in design with construction anticipated for early 2016. Funding is provided by drainage and wastewater rates.

SPU investigated several options for this project and has determined that the best option is to install a new, larger pipe to collect stormwater and sewage. The pipe will run under 14th Avenue South, between South Concord and South Donovan, and west under Donovan to 12th Avenue South.

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Pump Station and Water Quality Facility

This project is designed to reduce flooding in the industrial and residential area in the northeastern part of South Park. The project is located along the Duwamish Waterway near 7th Avenue. The pump station will pump stormwater to the Lower Duwamish Waterway to prevent it from backing up in the pipes and causing flooding. This project also includes construction of a facility to cleanse the stormwater before it flows into the Duwamish. This project is the backbone of future drainage improvements in this area of South Park.

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Portland Street Drainage Improvements

In addition to the pump station, SPU is building a system of storm drains to collect rainwater from the streets and get it to the pump station, to reduce surface flooding and ponding.

The work is happening in coordination with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) as part of the planning for an extension of the Duwamish Bike Trail along South Portland Street, from Highway 99 to 8th Avenue South. SDOT and SPU are working together to reduce the construction impacts of both projects and coordinate communications.

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