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Green Stormwater Infrastructure

We provide guidance for modest to grand transformations of Seattle’s urban landscape, creating green elements that welcome the rain – storing, draining, and cleaning it.

In 2013, the City Council and the Mayor directed city departments to work together to achieve Seattle’s goal of managing 700 million gallons of stormwater runoff using green infrastructure. 

Read the City Council Resolution in Support of GSI

Read the Mayor’s Executive Order in Support of GSI

Overview and 2013 Annual Report (pdf)

Presentation to City Council Committee – Jan. 14, 2014 (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

GSI for Stormwater Code Compliance
Details how stormwater flow and water quality code requirements can be achieved by using Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Current GSI Projects
Information about current projects to protect Seattle’s waterways.

Completed GSI Projects
Data and details from completed projects within Seattle which utilized Green Stormwater Infrastructure.

RainWise Program
Seattle residents can use this web-based tool to explore different Green Stormwater solutions for their property. See what others are doing, find a contractor, and more.

Incentives and Opportunities
Learn more about what the City is doing to move towards a more sustainable future.

Contact Information

For additional information about Green Stormwater programs, please contact:
Tracy Tackett
Green Infrastructure Specialist
(206) 386-0052