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  • Inside a backflow valve.

Backflow Valve Pilot

Broadview homes that do not currently meet SPU’s standard level of service for sewer service were eligible for this pilot project. Homeowners were asked to allow SPU to measure the elevation of their basement drains to determine if they were eligible for the installation of a backflow prevention device. These devices help prevent sewer backups into homes.

Twenty-seven households were eligible for backflow valves. Twenty-three households (85%) chose to participate in the pilot project and received installed backflow valves paid for by SPU. Information from this project was used to update SPU’s Broadview sewer system model. SPU contractors then took video footage of candidate homes’ side sewers to examine connections and groundwater issues,  decide the best type of device to install, and identify the best location for the devices. SPU installed and paid for devices at eligible homes. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining them.

  • Backwater conditions and location of a backflow valve.

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