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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Publications

The following publications can help you prevent stormwater pollution and comply with stormwater regulations. All documents are in PDF format and are published by Seattle Public Utilities unless otherwise noted.

Best Management Practices: Washing with Soap 
Learn how to wash boats, restaurant mats and paved surfaces without polluting stormwater or harming aquatic life.

Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) Pretreatment Devices and Recycling Services 
A listing of businesses that provide maintenance, installation or parts for grease pretreatment devices or provide recycling services for grease oil to Seattle-area businesses.

Preventing Pollution from Heating Oil Tanks 
Provides residents and businesses with tips on monitoring, inspecting, repairing and replacing heating oil tanks that may have leaks.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Fact Sheet
Describes the City's Stormwater Code, stormwater measures required of all Seattle businesses, measures required of businesses involved in High-Risk Pollution Generating (HRPG) activities and measures required of HRPG businesses seeking new building permits.

Seattle Public Utilities Guidance on Pressure Washing
Describes best management practices for pressure washing outdoors. Seattle Municipal Code 22.800 (The Stormwater Code) prohibits the discharge of anything other than stormwater into the storm drainage system.