Seattle Public Utilities Mami Hara, General Manager/CEO

Installation Requirements

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is the Administrative Authority enforcing provisions of the current Uniform Plumbing Code, IAPMO Installation Standards and Seattle Amendments relating to the inspection and approval of water meters and building supply piping.

  • Responsibility: It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that all newly installed, replaced or repaired water service piping outside the building is inspected before it is covered. When ready for inspection call (206) 684-5800.
  • Uncovering: Any water service piping installed, replaced or repaired and covered before inspection and approval must be uncovered.
  • Reinspection: A reinspection fee of $50 may be assessed for each inspection or reinspection if the portion of work for which inspection is called for is not complete or if corrections called for are not made. This fee is not for the first time a job is rejected for failure to comply with code, but to control the practice of calling before inspection or reinspection work is ready.
  • Stop Work Notice: Whenever any work is being done contrary to code, SPU may order the work stopped by giving notice in writing.

Requirement Guidelines

  • Connection of customer’s pipe must be to the City’s union only. Outside service pipe must have no less than 2 feet of earth cover from all angles and at all points.
  • Water pipe and fittings shall be of brass, copper, DI, SS, CPVC, HDPE, PE, PEX or PVC manufactured to recognized standards for cold water distribution systems outside buildings. Copper shall have a weight of Type L or K. Plastic pipe shall be a minimum of schedule 40, 160 PSI. All piping will have an NSF or ASTM stamp approval. All building supply pipe is to be no less than 3/4 “.
  • Plastic pipe, not approved through the foundation, will need pipe studded out 2’ of an approved material; all plastic pipes shall have a blue insulated copper tracer wire or other approved conductor that terminates at each end of the nonmetallic piping above ground (UPC code #604.8). Tracer wire will be no less than 18 AWG and insulation shall be suitable for direct burial.
  • Property’s water piping must extend beyond any slope, embankment, rockery, bulkhead or fence to the City’s service. No service line (new or abandoned) is to be used as an electrical ground.
  • Where local static water pressure is in excess of 80 PSI, an approved pressure regulator must be installed.
  • Shutoff valve controlling all outlets of each building must be installed on property. All irrigation system connections must have a shutoff valve and backflow protection. All required shutoff valves shall be accessible.
  • Do not connect additional houses to water service without first obtaining permission from SPU.
  • The Seattle Fire Department (206) 386-1443 as well as SPU require inspections for water service piping used for fire protection.